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Main Street USA

This version of Main Street was the third to open in the world. Initially it was the intention to completely cover Main Street as they had done in Tokyo Disneyland. This because the climate in Paris is not always favorable and they always wanted to make walking through Main Street pleasant.

However, this idea was scrapped and replaced by a unique idea that until today can only be found in Disneyland Paris. They have built arcades on both sides of Main Street that are covered. The arcades are called Liberty and Discovery arcade.

Another nice detail in Main Street is that the names of the Imagineers can be found on the windows of the dental practice at the entrance of Main Street USA.

As a tribute to Walt Disney, the Imagineers designed specifically for Main Street, U.S.A. in Paris Walt's - An American Restaurant, one of the table-service restaurants of the park. The lobby of the restaurant is teeming with objects that remind Walt Disney including his bust.

You can hardly keep up with the number of small details on Main Street USA. It’s a great way to enter the park and enjoy your day at Disneyland Paris!

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