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Buzz Lightyear Description

The back story of the ride revolves around the attempts of Evil Emperor Zurg to steal the batteries (known as "crystallic fusion cells") used to power the space vehicles of the "Little Green Men."

After receiving a call to become new recruits, adventurers travel to the Star Command. Once you enter the building you are reduced to the size of the toys around you. Featuring such detail as giant, exposed Philips screw heads and an explanation of the interactive phase of the ride that resembles a toy's instruction sheet.

Once we enter the queue we are greeted by Buzz Lightyear. While his body is an audio animatronic, Buzz's face is actually projection mapped. He tells us the plot of the attraction. The queue itself also explains how the ride works.

The attractions use a Omnimover system, and its combination of a shooting gallery and a dark ride. You have to point and shoot your laser blaster at targets and get the highest score possible.

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