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71 km/h
120 cm
Launch Coaster | Vekoma / WED
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Hyperspace Mountain Description

Hyperspace Mountain is a temporary Star Wars overlay on the Space Mountain ride. The overlay was a 25th anniversary special and will only last for a year and a half. Before Hyperspace Mountain there were two other versions of the ride named Space Mountain and Space Mountain Mission II. What will hapen when the Hyperspace Mountain overlay is removed is not clear.

At first Space Mountain was gonna be called Discovery Mountain and was going to be a lot bigger than it is today. Discovery Mountain was initially designed to feature not only Space Mountain, but a variety of other attractions, exhibits, and restaurants. Eventually it shrank down into only the Space Mountain ride.

Space Mountain

The upgrade seems to be a great success among guests. Space Mountain was originally themed after a story by Jules Verne called 'From the Earth to the Moon'. Unlike other Space Mountains found around the world, this version had a steampunk-detailed appearance, with a huge dominating Columbiad Cannon. Space Mountain: De la Terre à la Lune, closed in January 2005.

Space Mountain Mission II

In 2005 Space Mountain was changed to Space Mountain Mission II. This brand new journey took riders beyond the moon, to the very edge of our universe. The first mission only brought us to the moon past some asteroids.

Hyperspace Mountain

In 2017 the Hyperspace Mountain overlay was installed. Hyperspace Mountain takes visitors through 'hyperspace' towards an epic space battle between X-Wings, TIE fighters and a Star Destroyer. It houses some nice lighting effects and projection mapping.

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