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It's a Small World Description

What's it all about?

It's by far the biggest darkride in Fantasyland. In this attraction you sail past several brightly colored scenes that represent celebratory nations. In these countries the famous "It's a Small World" song is sung in the local language, which gives a very cheerful whole. Especially for families with children, this dark ride is an unmissable stop during a day at Disneyland Park.

Where does it come from?

It's a Small World is the biggest darkride of Fantasyland. The attraction was introduced in 1964 at the "New York World's Fair" at the request of UNICEF. Obviously the version we see today is an improved and larger version than that from 1964. Many brightly colored decors are on the program, but it is mainly the music that is important in this attraction. For this attraction the song 'It's a Small World' was written in 1964, now a world-famous song. The song was composed by Richard and Robert Sherman, who also composed the music for Jungle Book, Marry Poppins and many other Disney films.

Fun fact!

It's a Small World' is the most played and translated song in the world. And on the request of UNICEF it actually never got copyrighted. So the song can be used freely. Result of this is that it can be heard all over the world in music boxes, ice cream cart, etc...

Onride video

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