Big Thunder Mountain

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65 km/h
1.02 m
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Big Thunder Mountain Description

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a mine train roller coaster located in Frontierland. It's more heavily themed than it's American sisters. Because here in Paris it's actually a mountain, which it is not in the parks in the USA.

It's centered in the middle of a lake, which means you need to get there of course. The station is actually on mainland. Leaving the station the train immediately drops into a pitch black tunnel which brings you to the actual mountain itself.

There it get's pulled up into the first lifthill. This is where you will defenitely hear the loud rattling of anti-rollback system. It's a wonderfull ride with some near misses and other special effects! Hang on to them hats and glasses 'cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!

The story of Big Thunder Mountain

The story starts when Henry Ravenswood struck gold in the Big Thunder Mountain. This is when he founded the Thunder Mesa Mining company and started mining the mountain. The indians that had lived there for century's warned the settlers that the mountain was protected by the mighty thunder bird. They didn't believe them and started mining anyway. But when these miners invaded the mountain and started tunneling and robbing it from it's riches, the thunder bird would clap it's wings causing an earthquake.

Soon though, these earthquakes were joined with bizarre phenomena... The mine trains on Big Thunder Mountain were found leaving the station by themselves without anyone controlling them. At last convinced the mountain was cursed and the death of Henry Ravenswood caused the mining company to shut down opperations. Never to reopen again.

Big Thunder Mountain is a great ride for all ages! It's not too fast but it has a lot of drops which make for a good thrill. It's a briliant mine train, I highly reccomend riding it if you're visiting Disneyland Paris. A must do if you even remotely like roller coasters. The line can get long during the afternoon so I suggest hitting this ride early in the morning or during parades/fireworks or fastpass it. This is a true Disney classic.

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